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WebSite Design and Support

SimpleWebSites.info offers a number of simple development, evaluation, enhancement, and support options. The goal of Simple Websites is to get more visitors to your website and have them stay longer and take the action you desire.

Keyword selection and placement is just one of the many things that must be considered in order to achieve desired goal above.

Very few people will search for your Business, Church or ministry web site by the domain name. Most will search with words or phrases (keywords) that are relevant to the service, product, or name of organization they are seeking (example “Baptist Church, City, State”).

Anticipating and using these keywords and phrases is one of the most critical aspects of planning for a successful business, church or ministry web page.

Take a look at our website especially the Mobile Compatibility and Local SEO pages listed under Additional Features in our main menu above. Many older sites are not Mobile compatible and very few sites have been optimized for local search.

Contact us if you have questions or if we can be of service.