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Website Cost?

How much will an effective web site cost?

Statistics show that searches over the Internet for all types of services including religious services as well as business is the fastest growing method of located business’ location, products & services, and/or location. The is especially true among the younger and more educated portion of the United States population. It is estimated that 70 % of Americans now use the Internet to find a product, service, or local church.

Website total cost includes the (1) development/implementation cost, (2) the cost for the host service, and (3) ongoing website support for monitoring, maintenance and improvements, plus (4) random SEO analysis . These last two categories are usually ignored or minimized which drastically reduce the effectiveness of the website.

Simple Web Sites will design and host a website of ten pages or less and provide the services listed above for first year fee of $400 that can be paid in four equal payments of $100. First payment of $100 at initiation of agreement. Second payment due at time website goes live. Third payment 180 days after project start and 4th payment at 270 days after project start.

We will design and construct your web site or teach you how to design and construct your own web site while providing one year of hosting for the above $400.